What is a Workspace?

To begin working with Kendis, you need to establish a workspace. It accommodates all the users and groups to carry out their planning and tracking activities. A Kendis workspace is like a folder that contains different kinds of boards. If a user gets access to a workspace just like a folder, then all of its (files) boards are accessible to the user.  Although Workspace access is granted to a group rather than a user, the role of a group can be defined at workspace level as well. A group role can be Admin, User, or Read Only.

When a user logs into their Kendis account, there will always be a Default Workspace.  This helps you to get started on adding boards. A board can only be created within a workspace. The admin can also create Custom workspaces of a company. 

Assigning Users or Groups to Workspaces

Note: Only the Super Admin can assign users or groups to workspaces and set their roles.

Follow these simple steps to create a group:

1.       Navigate to Workspaces on the Side Menu

2.       Click on Create Group

3.       A Pop Up will appear

4.       The menu is divided into two sections. The left hand side shows the present state of the workspace. The right hand side of the menu displays a list of the individual users and groups that can be added to a workspace

5.       Select a user or a group

6.       Add them to the workspace

7.       Click on the added item, assign them their roles

8.       These roles can be changed

9.       Click Save

A user or a group has been added to the workspace.

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