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Kendis Release Notes
Self-Hosted Setup

Enterprise edition guides for setting up and download Kendis on-site using Docker and other environments

User Guides
SSO with SAML, OKTA and AzureAD

Articles on how to configure SSO with SAML, AzureAD and OKTA

Video Guides
Get Started (For Jira Boards)

Using Jira and New to Kendis? Just beginning a Trial? Start Here

AzureDevOps and TFS

How to connect to AzureDevOps and TFS, create boards for your PI planning and tracking

Kendis Enterprise Platform
Jira Integration

How integration works, best practices and guides for Jira Integration with Kendis

Dependencies Management

Plan and track dependencies, integrate dependencies with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft AzureDevOps

Objectives & OKRs

Plan and track objectives, set business values for the objectives and link them to the features and stories

Kendis Boards

Board states, board review modes and other details

Reports & Analytics

Create custom reports, analytics and dashboards

Implementing SAFe

P.I Board, Agile Release Train, Solution Train, Portfolio Management, Remote P.I Planning


Users, Groups, Workspaces

Risk Management

ROAM risks, link to the PI board, have conversation to track and follow the progress of risk and it's mitigation

Roadmap & Timelines
Scrum of Scrums

Learn how to use Scrum of Scrums, what problems you can solve with it and how to have an efficient session


Payment settings, upgrade, downgrade plans

Kendis Only Boards

Kendis only boards and import from a CSV

Portfolio & Solution Level

Portfolio and Solution Level

Planning Agenda

PI Planning Agenda, Capacity Management, Planning SoS and Program Roles

Product Management

WSJF prioritization

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Manage Products, Releases and more

Kanban Boards