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What is a Board Collection?
What is a Board Collection?
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What is a Board Collection?

To begin working with Kendis, you need to establish a "Board Collection". It accommodates all the users and groups to carry out their planning and tracking activities. A Kendis Board Collection is like a folder that contains different kinds of boards. If a user gets access to a board collection just like a folder, then all of its (files) boards are accessible to the user.  Access is granted to a group or a user, the role of a group can be defined at collection level as well. A group role can be Admin, User, Read Only or a 

When a user logs into their Kendis account, there will always be a Default Workspace.  This helps you to get started on adding boards. A board can only be created within a workspace. The admin can also create Custom workspaces of a company. 

Assigning Users or Groups to Board Collection

Note: Only the Super Admin can assign users or groups to workspaces and set their roles.

Follow these simple steps to create a group:

  1. Navigate to Board Collections on the Side Menu

  2. Click on Create Group

  3. A modal view will appear

  4. The menu is divided into two sections. The left hand side shows the current members. The right hand side displays a list of the individual users and groups that are not member and can be added

  5. Select a user or a group, select their role and click to add

  6. Click Save

A user or a group has been added to the workspace.

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