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Troubleshooting Jira Connection
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A Jira connection is needed to fetch Jira items in Kendis and sync Jira changes in Kendis. If a user creates an ALM connection then Kendis automatically creates web hook connection but in case, an existing web hook connection stops working, check Jira web hook pages.

Note: To check Jira web hook connection, user should have Jira api or web hook access rights .

  1. To restore this connection, go to your domain´s relative link: where yourdomain is specific to your company instance in Jira. 

  2. Check the status of the webhook, if it is disabled or deleted.

  3. Create or edit a webhook and make sure that only two options (Updated, Deleted) are checked on the page, that is under Issue related events > Issue.

Save the changes and go to Kendis to test the connection and sync again.

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