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Add and Edit ALM Account in Kendis
Add and Edit ALM Account in Kendis

Add your Jira account web hook in Kendis to sync data

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In order to create a new or update the existing ALM credentials you can follow the steps.

ALM Connection for the Board
An Admin can setup a connection before creating any Kendis board from Administration part of Kendis application. Once a connection is configured, it can be used in all Kendis boards.

To create an account:

  • Go to Settings

  • Click on left menu > ALM Credentials 

  • Click on the "Add ALM Account"

  • Provide following details:

  • Account Name: This is to identify and remember the connection details. Type any string value like "JIRA-Connection-A"

  • URL: Type the url for your JIRA instance, e.g.,

  • Username: Type the username that you use to login to JIRA. This user must have rights to access the API at JIRA.

  • Password: Type the password of your JIRA account. 

Note: All of the fields need to be filled in order to proceed.

Important: All the changes made at the Kendis board will be reflected in JIRA "by the user" configured in ALM connection. However, individual users should configure their own credentials to reflect the changes in JIRA by their name.

3. Adding Credentials at User Profile:

  • Click on the profile from left bar

  • Click on the "ALM Credentials"

  • Provide Username and Password

  • Ensure the Test Connection is successful

  • SAVE

Now all the changes made at the Kendis Board for JIRA items will reflect correctly at the JIRA item history as changes made by the user.

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