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Self-Hosted setup for VM - Virtual Machines
Self-Hosted setup for VM - Virtual Machines

Step by step guide to setup Kendis at enterprise local server using VM.

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In this article, we will explain how you can setup Kendis VM at your organization local environment.
Note: You would need assistance from your organization team members who are responsible for the Virtual Machines setup.


After installation is successful, please remember to change the default password for the /system URL.

1. Setup Virtual Machine

  • Create a new virtual machine with Boot2docker.iso. (Root password for Boot2docker is username: docker and password: tcuser). Remember to change this password.

  • Once the VM with Boot2docker is up and running proceed to step 2.

2. Install Kendis 

  • Pull Kendis from Docker: Open command prompt at the VM and run the following command
    ​  > docker pull kendisdocker/kendis                            

  • Start Kendis Server with the following command

> docker run -v kendis-resources:/var/lib/kendis-resources -v kendis-logs:/var/log/kendis-logs -v kendis-backup:/var/lib/kendis-backup -v kendis-data:/var/lib/mongodb -p 8282:8080 kendisdocker/kendis 

 Note: Ensure there are no line breaks in the command.

3. Access Kendis Server

  • If installation is successful in the previous step, you can access the Kendis server at the following URL.
    ​  <your server url>:8282/welcome                          
    Check the IP of the machine (run “ifconfig” to check the IP). Kendis will be available on the (IP of the machine):8282.

4. Setup Kendis Account

After the successful installation, when you access Kendis at the target URL, you will see the setup guide. System will ask you the "Admin" username, password and other relevant details.
Important: Please ensure that you don't forget this admin username/password. There is no way to recover this admin details, so make sure you remember them.

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