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How to configure Jira account for Individual users at Kendis?
How to configure Jira account for Individual users at Kendis?

How to allow individual users to set their Jira account details at Kendis.

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Kendis works with principle that there is central ALM account setup while creating a Jira connected Kendis board. Once board is created, all the changes made at the Kendis board will be reflected in JIRA "by the user" configured in ALM connection. 

However, individual users should configure their own credentials to reflect the changes in JIRA by their name.

Note: If you have used your own Jira credentials/API at ALM, while setting up your board, you will still see this warning, once you provide the Jira credentials/API token again at your profile, warning will go away. 

Adding Credentials at User Profile:

  • Click on the profile at the left navigation bar

  • Click on the "ALM Credentials"

  • Provide Username

  • Provide Password/API Key  (For Jira Cloud users, you have to use API Token and for Jira Server use password).

  • Ensure the Test Connection is successful

  • SAVE

Now all the changes made at the Kendis Board for JIRA items will reflect correctly at the JIRA item history as changes made by the user.

How to Create an API token from your Atlassian account

  • Click Create API token.

  • From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise Label for your token and click Create.

  • Click Copy to clipboard, then paste the token 

For more details on how to create API token, check this help article from Atlassian help documentation

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