It is important to have regular backups for your self-hosted Kendis instance. 

How to Backup

To take backup follow these steps.

  • System Dashboard is accessible at <URL-for-your-Kendis>/system
  • Default username for the system section is "sysadmin" and password is "admin". We recommend to change the default password from the change password option at admin section.
  • Once at the System administration section, click on the "Backup" option from the left navigation
  • Click on the "Backup Now" button at the top right corner. Once you click this button, ensure to click the browser refresh button to view the latest changes.
  • You can view the list of previously created backups.
  • To download the backup, click on the "Download" link and store this file at some external secure storage.

Restore from Backup

Kendis provides one click option to restore the system from the backup. 

  • To restore, click on the left navigation menu option "Restore".
  • Now select "upload backup" file selector
  • Once you select your valid Kendis backup file, your system will be restored instantly.
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