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Debug Logs

How to enable debug logs

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The Kendis system offers an extensive logging mechanism if you face some issues while using Kendis in your local self-hosted setup.
These logs provide ways for the Kendis team to identify the issues you are facing and provide the remedy.

Default Logs 

By default, Kendis keeps a minimum log set and it's always saved under the "kendis.log" file. If the size of the file increases, then the Kendis system will start splitting the file and add numbers like "Kendis.log.1", "Kendis.log.2" The file with the highest number would be the latest.

Extended Debugging Logs

If you are facing issues in some specific scenario then enabling extended debugging logs would be very useful. To enable extended logs to follow these steps

Turn on the DEBUG Flag

To turn on the debug flag, go to your profile from the bottom left corner (Left panel) and then select the "Settings" tab and turn on the flag

Repeat the steps

  • Now navigate to your normal Kendis board where you are facing the problem

  • Repeat the steps where you are facing the issue.

Download the Logs

  • Go to  <URL-for-your-Kendis>/system

  • The default username for the system section is "sysadmin". In case you don't have those default credentials ask them from

  • Click on the "Logs" option on the left navigation menu

  • Download the "Kendis.log" file

  • You can share this log with your Kendis account manager or send it to with the details of the issue you are facing and steps to reproduce it.

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