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How to Make Changes in Docker Configuration
How to Make Changes in Docker Configuration
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In case you need to make changes to your existing running Kendis Docker container, please follow these steps

1.Stop Running Container
First to check whether your existing Kendis docker container is running or not and if running, let's stop it
> docker ps
This command will list all the running containers. Copy the container ID of your Kendis Docker, e.g., in this example above, container ID is: fc40209a308c

Now stop the running container using this command

​     > docker stop <container-id>  

<container-id>: This is the ID that you got in above step.

2. Remove the Container
If have you used the default command to run the Kendis container, it has mapped the persistent storage automatically, so removing this container and restarting it will not have any impact unless you don't change any mapping paths in the run command.

​  > docker ps -all  

This will show all the containers including the ones that are stopped. Copy the container-id for Kendis docker container that is now in stopped state

Remove container

​  > docker rm <container-id>  

This will remove your docker container.

3. Restart Container with different parameters

Now if you need to restart Docker container, e.g.,. at different port then you can run the following command
e.g., in this command we are running Kendis Docker container at port 80, instead of 8282 in the other example

 > docker run --restart=always  -v kendis-resources:/var/lib/kendis-resources -v kendis-logs:/var/log/kendis-logs -v kendis-backup:/var/lib/kendis-backup -v kendis-data:/var/lib/mongodb -p 80:8080 kendisdocker/kendis 


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