How to Set IP Sprint for Board?

What is IP sprint, how to set at the Board and it's relation to PI Burndown chart

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In SAFe®, IP sprint/Iteration is defined as "Innovation and Planning" sprint (iteration). Main idea of this to allow the teams to have buffer to work on the innovating and other activities that they want to work on.

Set IP Sprint

To mark a sprint as an IP sprint at Kendis board, go to "Setting" and choose "Edit Board Settings" and select "Sprints"

How it shows at PI Burndown Chart

 If a sprint is marked as IP, it will be shown as grey area at the chart and story points will be excluded from the chart.


  • I see that IP sprint is marked for the whole column, does it apply to all the teams?
    Yes: all the team sprints, that are under the IP sprint column, will be treated as IP sprints and story points will be excluded in PI burndown calculations.

  • Can I mark an IP sprint for single team?
    No, it's not possible to select IP sprint for some selected teams, it has to be enabled for all the teams or none.

  • What other Impacts IP Sprint setting has?
    IP sprint only impacts the PI burndown chart, there are no other impacts in terms of functionality or reporting.

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