As a RTE, business owner or product manager, tracking your PI progress is not an easy task, there are multiple teams, features and sprints and it’s a complex matrix. Kendis already makes it easier to plan PI and visualize program board in digital and friendly way. With Smart Reports, Kendis makes it simple and easy to track the progress of your PI. 

These reports are available at your PI board under “More” button

All the graphs and numbers shown at the reports are clickable. You can view detailed information once you click at any part of the graph.

Reports Details

Reports have 4 sections and we will explain in detail one by one each of these sections.

1) Progress Update 

This section provides the overview of the progress along with the day by day details when and which stories and features are done during this time period

2) Scope & Delivery Changes

This is perhaps the most interesting section as it will provide precise information on what stories and features got deviated from the plans and what is added to the program board after the planning. This would take away hours of manual work just to find out what changes were done across all the teams and PI.

3) Dependencies Updates & Dependencies Dashboard

Simple and visual representation of open and resolved dependencies by teams.

4) Objectives Dashboard

Provides visual information on the objectives progress. At the objectives section, it wasn’t always clear that how the objectives progress is shown, although there are 3 options to view the progress, e.g., by Card Status, By Story points and by Linked Stories progress. All these values are now visualized at this section in more clearer way.

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