Kendis provides multiple different installation options. In this article, we will explain, how to install Kendis on native Linux 64 bits.


After installation is successful, please remember to change the default password for the /system URL.

  1. Download Kendis Linux compatible binaries from this link
  2. Extract kendis-server-linux-x86_64.tar file to any of your folder with tar -xvf kendis-server-linux-x86_64.tar
  3. Now change to bin directory kendis-server-linux-x86_64/bin and run "sudo sh"
  4. Once server startup get finished you will see following logs

    | Server Running on port :8282 |
    | Kendis App server is now running.                                     |
    | You can access using host port you have given while setting up Docker |
    | e.g                                            |
    | or http://<host-ip>:8282/                                             |
    Server will run on default port 8282 if you wants to change its port, you can change port by editing /bin/kendis/app.config

5. Done

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