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Reasons for ALM connection to Jira not working and possible resolutions
Reasons for ALM connection to Jira not working and possible resolutions
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In case you are facing issues in connecting to Jira, please check the cases.

1) For Jira Cloud Users

To connect to your Jira cloud, you must use API Token instead of the password.
Hint: If your Jira URL has then you are using Jira cloud, e.g,   

How to Create an API token for your Atlassian account:

  • Click Create API token.

  • From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise Label for your token and click Create.

  • Click Copy to clipboard, then paste the token 

For more details on how to create API token, check this help article from Atlassian Help Docs

2) For Jira Self Hosted Users (Accessible via Internet)

If your Jira is self hosted (server version) and it's accessible from internet, meaning, you are able to login to your Jira without corporate network or VPN.

In this case, you should use your Jira login ID (could be email or ID) and Jira password to connect to Kendis.

If you are still getting authentication error, then open your Jira in separate browser window, logout and then login again in this separate browser window. Sometimes, system admins, have enabled "Captcha" for security reasons and you need to accept the Captcha when you login at the browser. Once you have accepted the Captcha, come back to Kendis ALM connection screen and try again. 

3) For Jira Self Hosted Users (Accessible only with Corporate Network)

If you need to be at VPN or at your corporate network to access Jira then you can't conenct Kendis Cloud account to your Jira.
You would need to host Kendis in your organization. If your organization uses Docker, then it's straight forward to setup Kendis and connect to Jira.

Check this guide to host Kendis in your organization

Contact Support

In case you still face any issues, click on the "Live Chat Support" blue icon at bottom right and talk to our live chat support team or drop us message at 

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