Dependency line colors

What each color of the dependency line represents

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At Kendis there are different colors for the dependencies lines.


  • Dependency is a feature to feature

  • Dependency status is "Open"

  • When creating dependency, if the Jira link type is selected, that will also be shown in red color, since Kendis will create a dependency line and will also create the selected link between 2 issues at Jira as well. 


  • Dependency is story to story

  • Dependency is story to feature

  • Dependency status is "Open"


  • Dependency is resolved

  • It can be story to story or feature to feature


  •  It represents "Jira Dependency"

  • Only visible in "Phoenix" mode

  • Not possible to edit this dependency

  • There is no status of Jira dependency, as in Jira dependency is just link between 2 issues, there is no direction.

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