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Import Features from a CSV file
Import Features from a CSV file

Step by step guide to import features

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In case you are not using integration with Jira or AzureDevOps, Kendis offers the option to import your data from a CSV file.

Import Options

At the moment, you can only import the features into the Kendis board. It's not possible to import both features and stories.

CSV Template for Import

An example CSV template with 3 records is available for your reference.

Overview of the Import Process

  • Create a "Kendis Only" Board

  • Go to Board Settings and select "Import with CSV" option

  • Now select the first option "Standard Preference ( Quote character = " Delimiter = ' EOL = \r\n)"

  • Select your CSV file

  • Map the fields like Summary, Key (ID), Status, Due Date and date format

  • Once select proceed to import.

  • That's it.

Note: In case you don't see the data, refresh the browser.

Status Mapping

If you want to map the status of your features correctly, make sure you have created those statuses before the import process.
To create or update the existing status at Kendis, follow these steps

  • Click on the Settings icon on the left green bar

  • Go to "Workflow"

  • Click on the Edit "Default Workflow".

  • If you want to create new workflow, then make sure, when you create the new board, you select this workflow. It's not possible to change the workflow linking after the board is created.

That's all. If you have any issues, reach out to our live chat support or send email to

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