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Service Hook Settings for AzureDevOps and TFS
Service Hook Settings for AzureDevOps and TFS

Servicehook settings in AzureDevOps and TFS for Kendis

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Kendis has 2-way real-time integration with AzureDevOps and TFS. All the changes made in Kendis are updated immediately to AzureDevOps/TFS using REST API.
Service hook is a mechanism that makes sure changes made in AzureDevOps are reflected in Kendis in real time.

1) Service Hook Setup

When you load a project at your Kendis board, a service hook is automatically created for that project in AzureDevOps/TFS. In the majority of cases, a service hook will be created automatically. However, if the user whose Personal Access Token (PAT) is configured at the main ALM settings and the user doesn't have enough permission to create a service hook, then it will not be created, and you need to follow the next section.

1.1) Example of Working Service Hook

2) Manually Setup Service hook

In case the user doesn't have the rights, then the service hook will not be created, and you can follow these steps to create the service hook manually in your AzureDevOps/TFS.

2.1) Copy the Callback URL From Kendis Board

  • Go to your Board Settings and copy the Webhook URL (service hook is currently labeled as Webhook), which is available next to the load project screen (you don't need to load the project).

2.2) Create Servicehook at Azure DevOps

  • Go to your AzureDevOps and click on the project settings. The service hook is specific to each project.

  • Scroll to the "Service hook" section and open it.

  • Create a new Service hook, scroll to "Webhook," and press Next.

  • Select the event "Work Item updated."

  • Under Settings, scroll to "URL"

  • Paste the callback URL that you copied from Kendis.

  • Click on "Test" and if it's successful, press Finish.

  • You need to repeat the steps for each of the projects that you have loaded on this board.


We do not see updates made in AzureDevOps in Kendis
Go to your AzureDevOps, select a project, and then go to project settings. Make sure the service hook for Kendis is not disabled.
For further debugging for your service hooks, please check this article from Microsoft.
If the service hook is enabled and you still don't see the updates, please refresh your browser and check if the updates are visible.
In case, still facing issues, then better to raise a ticket to the Kendis support team or contact live chat support. 

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