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Dependencies integration with AzureDevOps & TFS
Dependencies integration with AzureDevOps & TFS

2-way integration between Kendis and AzureDevOps for dependencies

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Kendis provides the capabilities to visualize the dependencies that are created in AzureDevOps/TFS on the Kendis board. Similarly, it's possible to view the dependencies links created at Kendis in the AzureDevOps/TFS.

Type of Dependencies

Dependency links can be created between

  • Feature to Feature

  • Story to Story

  • Feature to Story

  • Story to Feature

Enable Dependencies Links

The first step is to define the link types that are used as dependencies links. Please note the link types that you have selected to get your features and stories will be excluded from the list, e.g., if you have used parent-child link type for your features and stories then you can't use this relationship for dependencies.

To configure

  • Go to Board Settings

  • Select Edit Board Settings

  • Click on the "Additional Fields"

  • Now click on the "Enable AzureDevOps Dependency"

  • Select links that you use for dependencies, e.g, "Successor" & "Predecessor"

Once you click on the SAVE button, Kendis will trigger the "Resync" process. It will show you want features to be added/removed from the board, based on the changes in your query, this step is needed to refresh all the items on the board and fetch the data about the links that you have shared.

Create Dependency

To create dependency, follow these steps

  • Click on the top right corner of the card, or drag it from the corner of the source card and drop it to the target card.

  • Once the dependency detailed view is open, select the link type

  • In the links both the "Kendis Only" links and the "AzureDevOps" links will be shown.

  • If you select link type from "AzureDevOps", e.g, "Successor" then the dependency line will be created at Kendis and also the link between 2 cards will be created in AzureDevOps

The same dependency will also be shown under the second tab

The link between 2 items will also be created in AzureDevOps

Dependencies Listing

Once you enable AzureDevOps dependencies, there will be an extra tab under the "Dependencies" view for AzureDevOps dependencies.

This view is divided into 2 parts, if both cards are on the Kendis board, then they will be listed in the first section and if one of the cards is not on the board then the dependency will be listed under "Not on the Board" section

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