Story Level Dependencies
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Kendis provides multiple options for dependencies, you can create dependencies between

  • Feature to Feature

  • Story to Story

  • Feature to Story

  • Story to Feature

Feature Level Dependencies

Feature level dependencies are marked in "Red Color" if they are open and in Green "Color" once they are resolved.

On feature card, you will see the count of

  • Feature level dependencies in red color

  • Story level dependencies in purple color

Story Level Dependencies

To create a story to story dependency simply drag the card's top right corner and drop on the target story or click on the dependency icon to create a new dependency.

Once you save the dependency, if you have selected the "AzureDevOps" link type then the dependency link will be created in AzureDevOps as well. Check this article for more details for AzureDevOps dependency integration.

Additional Dependency Colors & Lines

Story to story dependency lines is in purple color. More details

  • Purple: Open dependency between stories

  • Light Green: Resolved dependency between stories

  • Blue: Dependency created at AzureDevOps

If the feature cards are expanded then lines are visible between stories and the count is shown on the story cards as shown in the example below

As an example , in the image above, there is a dependency between the story "77" and Story "61". It's shown in the purple color.

Story 77 is part of feature 10 and the purple color counter is shown for the story level dependency. In case of feature 10 has more stories and dependencies the count in the purple at the feature will increment accordingly.

When the feature cards are not expanded the purple line moves at the feature level to highlight there is a dependency at the story level, as shown in the example below.

Blue Dependency Line - AzureDevOps

The blue color of the dependency line at a story or feature level means that dependency is created in AzureDevOps and is only visualized at Kendis. It's not possible to edit this dependency or add "description" or status.

If the dependency is "AzureDevOps" only dependency, meaning it was created there and only visualized at Kendis, then it will be shown under the "AzureDevOps" dependency tab, note that counter for Kendis dependency is 0 in this case.

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