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Import Features and Stories from Excel into Kendis Board
Import Features and Stories from Excel into Kendis Board
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Kendis provides options for the customers to import the features and stories into Kendis.

Few things to note about the template

  • Sprint Name or prefix

    • In Excel, if you type the sprint name correctly that matches to the name on the board then the story will be placed automatically in the corresponding sprint

  • Team Name or Prefix

    • Similarly in the Excel sheet type, the team name or prefix that is on the board and in the import process the items will be placed in that team and sprint.

  • Status

    • Status should match the Kendis statuses, otherwise, the first status on the Kendis To Do category will be applied.


We recommend testing your import with a couple of features and stories before uploading all of your data. In the import process, Kendis will show you the warnings, so pay attention to the warnings and errors before completing the import process

Sample File

In case the above link doesn't work, copy/paste this URL in your browser and download it

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