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Planning Agenda
How to manage Agenda for your PI or Big Room Planning
How to manage Agenda for your PI or Big Room Planning

Guide to manage your PI Planning Agenda in Kendis

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To manage your PI or big room planning agenda with Kendis, you would need to follow these steps.

Enable/Disable PI Planning options

Under board settings, it's possible to turn on/off PI Planning options. If the PI planning capability is turned on, you will see a new menu where options will be organized based on the board state, e.g., in Draft state, all the PI Planning options are visible and dependencies, risks, analytics are only available by clicking on "More"

Setup Agenda

To start setting up your PI or big room planning agenda, one must select the city for the location of your PI Planning, you can add multiple cities and by default, the first city timezone will be displayed while editing. However, if you select multiple cities, you will be able to view the time differences side by side.

Create from Template

In order to jump-start the agenda planning, it's recommended to use the default template and you can modify it later as you need.

Example Agenda from Template

How to Edit

Click on "Agenda Settings" and enable "Edit Mode". Once in edit mode, you can edit existing events or create new events.

There are 2 options

  • Add Event

  • Add Team breakout

You can also create custom events by clicking on the "Create Event" link in the events dropdown options.

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