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PI Planning Agenda and Planning SoS

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During the PI Planning event, RTE can use Planning SoS checklist questions to help understand how well the planning process is going on within teams and if they are blocked on any points or need help.

Kendis makes it easier to engage scrum masters to fill up their respective team questions for Planning SoS (Scrum of Scrums).

How to create a Planning SoS

To get started make sure you have your program board created with all your teams involved in the process.

On the top right of the screen there is a drop-down menu:

More> Planning SoS

You will be welcomed to an empty screen (if this is your first planning SoS on this program board) where you will be prompted to create a new panning SoS session.

When you press create new, a small window will appear.

The only mandatory field to enter is the title. All other fields are optional. Once you have added the information you can save it and view the default SoS table. There will be default questions in place that can be changed/deleted as per your needs through the edit mode.

If the edit mode does not appear, it means you do not have the correct permissions available in your role.

(See who can edit the section below)

How to Edit

Editing is an important feature, it allows you to add your own personal questions that correspond with your business needs.

SoS Settings > edit mode

SoS settings will be located at the top right corner of your browser. After enabling it multiple options will appear.

Add Question, Add SoS, Delete SoS.

How to add questions

SoS Settings>Edit mode>Add question

What happens with blocked answers?

There is a drop-down menu when selecting answers to the questions (see What is the template - section). An icon next to the team title of a cancel symbol will appear, and the question's color will change.

Creating multiple SoS

SoS Settings>Edit mode>Add SoS

By adding SoS you can keep track of your SoS meetings and the progress. Adding SoS will create a new tab within your Planning SoS on its specific program board. You can have a maximum of 7 SoS tabs on one program board.

What are the copy options?

There are two different options when adding a new SoS.

“Use default questions or copy questions only from” - Select the SoS tab, and all the same questions will be copied. (Questions only)

“Copy questions and answers from” - Select the SoS tab, and all the questions with their answers will be copied. (Questions + Answers)

What is the template?

Options for Answers

When selecting an answer for one of the questions a drop-down menu of specific options will appear. The options are listed on the left.

There is currently no way to change these answers.

Who can edit?

There are specific role requirements if you wish to edit the SoS.

Roles granted with Manage SoS can edit questions and everything else

Roles granted with the Edit SoS option are only allowed to change the answers.

If you can not do either, and the only view it means your role does not allow for this feature and you will need to ask the super admin to change role settings.

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