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Update Kendis Subscription Details
Update Kendis Subscription Details

Change plans, users or subscription duration

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In order to change billing details, head to the billing section from the Settings menu.

On this page you can adjust any details regarding payment options, address, or upgrading/downgrading the subscription.

Changing Plans

On the top right corner of the billing details page, you will find a green button that can be used to update the subscription. Here you can also cancel the subscription.

Should you choose to update your subscription you will be prompted with a window that will allow you to adjust your plan (switching to Basic or Premium) as well as adjusting the number of users available and how often you choose to pay.

Canceling your subscription

When changing plans, there is an option next to the update subscription button (see above) that lets you cancel your subscription.

Switching from Premium to Basic:

Once your basic plan expires, your premium subscription will be updated instantly after which you will be billed for the basic fee periodically (depending on your payment plan). Kendis will adjust your billing amount on a pro rata basis, this means that the amount you choose to pay will be used to determine your next billing date.


Q: What happens when you switch?

A: When switching to basic, keep in mind that certain features like Solution Board, Live chat support, premium support, security review, etc, are exclusively for premium users. The data saved regarding these features will not be lost but will be locked and inaccessible unless you decide to upgrade your subscription again.

Switching from basic to premium:

When upgrading your subscription to the premium plan, a message will be prompted that will show the price difference:

This plan will show the amount that will be billed monthly and allow you to compare it with your current plan. You will not be charged extra, or be refunded for this month. Instead your billing date will be changed depending on the days you can use premium (for the amount you have paid for this month). Switching from basic to premium will reduce your billing date.

Adding new members to your subscription

When you add more licenses to your subscription these users will be immediately available. Kendis will calculate the price difference and reduce your billing date accordingly.

๐Ÿ’กHow it works:

Lets say your subscription is for 5 basic cloud users

$10 x 5 (users) = $50 (for 1 month)

You decide to change it to 10 users.

$10 x 10 (users) = $100 (for 1 month)

Kendis will calculate how long you can use $50 for. I.e.

$50 / 30 (days per month) = $1.6/day

$100 / 30 (days per month) = $3.3/day

$50/$3.3 = 15.15 days

Your 30 day subscription will be changed to 15.15 days.

This adjustment allows for ease of switching between subscriptions without being charged extra on the next billing day

Kendis determines the date depending on your billing length, it will not always calculate monthly, but instead, for whichever plan you opt in for.

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