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Start/End AzureDevOps Iterations at Kendis

For analytics and reporting

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The reason to start the sprint in Kendis is to set the baseline contents for each sprint/iteration at Kendis and provide information for tracking of

  • Committed Load: Contents in the sprint at the start, if any story moves to another sprint during or at the end of the sprint, it would be possible to track.

  • Spillovers: Incomplete stories that moved to another sprint is considered "Spillovers", there are filters available at Analytics to view spillovers.

How to Start and End Sprint Tracking Automatically

To start and end sprint tracking automatically on a scheduled time, follow these steps.

  • Go to Edit Board Settings and Select the Sprints tab

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the check box "Enable Auto Start and End Sprint Tracking."

  • Select the Timezone for your sprint dates

  • Select the time and day

How to Start Sprint Tracking Manually

Sprint can be started for a single team from the team area or there is an option at the board to start sprint for all teams.

When you press this "Start Sprint" option on the board, it will

  • List down all the sprints

  • If the sprint is mapped to AzureDevOps sprint, then the sprint name will be shown, e.g., in this case, Team CRM Sprint 1 of Kendis is mapped to "Sky-Sprint 5.1" iteration in AzureDevOps.

You can select an individual team sprint to start or select the top option to start all sprints.

What happens to the AzureDevOps sprint dates when you start in Kendis?

When you start the sprint in Kendis, it doesn't change anything in AzureDevOps. Start sprint in Kendis will barely take a snapshot of the contents and will log it to show the differences in analytics at Kendis.

What is Reset Start Sprint

Once sprints are started, you will see the date when they started, and also there will be an option to reset the start of the sprint. In case the sprint is started accidentally or there have been major changes in the sprint and you would like to reset the baseline for your analytics and tracking purposes, this option can be used.

This action will have no impact on the AzureDevOps sprint status.

End Sprint

This option will mark the "End of Sprint" in Kendis. This will have no impact on AzureDevOps sprint status. All the stories that will be moved to other sprints will be treated as "Spill over" in the analytics.

Audit Log

Kendis logs the entry in "Audit Log", available under the Board Settings menu. The audit log entry will show.

  • Sprint start time and user name

  • Sprint end time and user name

  • Sprint reset start action performed by the user and at what time.

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