In AzureDevOps each status belongs to a particular category. Kendis also uses categories to group the status and then show in analytics accordingly.

It's often a limitation that status belongs in AzureDevOps to the "In Progress" category but you want those to be treated as "Done" to get the team completion % or the completion of your objectives %.

If you are using AzureDevOps with Kendis then you are able to achieve this at the screen

Steps to Change Status Category

  • Select the item type, e.g., User Story

  • Drag the status from one category and drop it to another.

  • Close the settings area and refresh your browser.

  • The category of the status will be updated in Kendis analytics accordingly.

Important Points to Note

  • The status setting is project-specific, so every time you load a new project you need to make the adjustments.

  • When you copy the board, status mapping will be copied to the new board.

  • When you create a new board and load projects, you would need to manually do the status category changes again

  • In the future: Kendis will offer a global setting where you can set a particular status to a different category so you don't need to these steps manually, but for now, it's manual on every new board.

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