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How to manage Milestones
How to manage Milestones

Steps to configure milestones

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At your Kendis program board, you are able to configure the milestones with the description and the target dates. It's a bit of a workaround to get the milestones visualized at the Kendis board. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to "Settings" on the left panel and select "Additional Card Types" (you need to be Super Admin to view these settings)

  • Create a "Milestones" card type if doesn't exist already

  • Now come back to your Kendis board

  • Open the Edit Board Settings view and select Teams

  • Check if you have already "Milestones" team from "Add Existing Team" link and if not then create a new team

  • Set the name as "Milestones" and prefix as "M" (this is just an example, you can rename it differently)

  • Important: Don't sync this team to Jira or AzureDevOps.

  • Move this team to the position you prefer, e.g., at the top of the board.

  • Now at the mainboard, create a new card from the bottom left green + icon

  • Type the milestone name, select date, and select the card type as "Milestones" (created in the first step)

  • Move this milestone card to the team

  • You can also create sub-items under this milestone by clicking on the "Add story" button.

  • Once the milestones are created, you can filter them if needed by clicking on the search and under "More Filters", select "Card type" and select Milestones.

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