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Kendis video guides divided by different sections

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This guide lists all the Kendis help videos. It's divided into 3 sections

  1. How to use Kendis with Jira

  2. How to use Kendis with Azure DevOps

  3. Common Features, like Planning Agenda, Confidence Voting, and so on.

1. How to use Kendis with Jira

1.1 Get Features from Jira for PI Planning with Filters or JQL

Select features in Jira for your PI planning by creating a filter or JQL and then use it at Kendis. Kendis will bring those features and linked stories.


1.2. Map Jira Boards and Sprints to Kendis Team Swimlane

Configure team swimlane to point to your team Jira board and sprints for your PI

1.3. Create and Plan User Stories and Features in Kendis and Jira

Plan feature by dragging the card to team swimlane and creating new stories. For exiting stories, drag a story card to the team sprint.

1.4 Prioritize Features for Planning

Reorder the features at Kendis board or get to know how you can set the initial sorting order in Jira with JQL or filters.

1.5 How to Start and End Jira Sprint Tracking in Kendis

Get committed load to track what was the sprint contents at the start and what was completed at the end.

1.6 Compare Jira Sprint contents with Kendis

A quick way to understand why there are

1.7 Enable Jira Shared Sprint

Steps to enable Jira shared sprint (Global Sprint) at Kendis to be used by multiple teams.


1.8 PI Planning with Jira

Detailed steps on creating board, getting features, mapping teams sprints, dependencies, and risks.

2. How to Use Kendis with Azure DevOps

2.1 How to configure Profile Token - Azure DevOps

This step should be completed by each user to tell Kendis who they are in Azure DevOps. It is done by creating a token, setting correct rights, and then copying it at Kendis.

2.2 Load Project Configuration from Azure DevOps

This is the first step that you need to perform before fetching features and stories from Azure DevOps

2.3 Get Features and Stories from Azure DevOps

Step to prepare your query in Azure DevOps with features and select the link type like "Child" to tell Kendis to bring along all the linked items, e.g., User Stories.

2.4 Map Azure DevOps Teams and Iterations to Kendis Team Swimlane

Map team and iterations to Kendis swimlane and sprints.

2.5 Create and Integrate Dependencies with Azure DevOps

Learn how to create dependencies in Kendis and integrate with AzureDevOps.

2.6 How to Start and End Sprint Tracking in Kendis for Azure DevOps Iterations

Get committed load to track what was the sprint contents at the start and what was completed at the end

2.7 PI Planning Guide for Kendis and Azure DevOps

Learn how to set up boards, bring features from AzureDevOps and manage your dependencies for PI Planning.

3. Common Kendis Features Guides

3.1 Manage PI & Team Objectives

Create objectives for PI or for teams, set business value (BV), link them to features, and track progress.

3.2 How to use Kendis Risk Register

Create risks, search, filter, and track their progress.

3.3 Board Review modes (Alicanto, Griffin, Phoenix)

Board modes are important concepts to understand. Each mode has certain capabilities and valuable features.

3.4 Track PI Progress with Kendis Analytics

3.5 Confidence Voting Setup and Participation Guide

Steps to schedule confidence voting, learn how to generate unique URLs for voting to allow your non-Kendis users to participate.

3.6 Team Capacity Management

How to set capacity for each team user and also learn how to use "Team Level" capacity rather than individual users.

3.7 Planning Scrum of Scrums (SoS)

Detailed steps to configure Planning SoS and how to use it.

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