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Configure Jira Additional Fields at Kendis
Configure Jira Additional Fields at Kendis

View, filter and use group by for Custom fields from Jira

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Additional Fields

What are they & What can they do?

The current Jira fields in Kendis are summary, key, status, link, sprint and story points.

Additional fields capability allows users to sync up to 5 Jira fields that can be viewed on the Kendis platform. These fields are customizable, and allow features and stories to provide more information, data can also be filtered using additional fields. Listed below are different types of fields that can be imported.

Kendis Jira Board additional fields

What they do


Allows users to select multiple values via check boxes.

Date picker

A field that stores dates and allows users to select a date.

Date time picker

Similar to Date picker feature with time component.


Allows users to add labels to features and user stories can be used freely, or to create tags.

Number field

A custom field that can hold numeric data

Radio Button

A list of buttons

Cascading Select List

Multiple values in two select lists

Multiple choice select list

Multiple values within one select list

Select List (single choice)

A single select list operating in a drop down menu fashion that is capable of holding multiple options, each uniquely configurable.

Text field (multi-line)

A multiline text area, allowing for additional notes or longer text input.

Text field (single-line)

A basic single line text field, allowing for simple text input.

URL field

Allows users to input any single URL.

User Picker (single user)

Allows user to select a person from a user base via pop up picker window.

How to configure them?

To enable the additional settings, go to edit board settings> additional settings (tab). By default the Additional fields option will be disabled. Click on the checkbox to enable it.

Tip: If the Jira board is not appearing ensure the correct Jira board has been selected.

Board Settings>ALM account

There are 2 separate sections for fields, one is for Feature and the other one is for Story.

By clicking on the arrow icon, you will see the list of Jira fields that are available for selection. You can select up to 5 fields for each.

Once the fields have been selected, click on save and Kendis will sync data from Jira, and update the features and stories to include these fields.

These selected fields will appear when you edit or create cards (feature or story) and any changes made will be updated in Jira.

How to filter with additional fields

Let's consider Fixed versions as an additional field configured at your board. Sprint 1 feature is part of FixVersion v2.5 and the sprint 2 feature has value v2.0

  • Click on the funnel icon to begin filtering data

  • Click on the drop down titled more filters

  • Select the Fix versions icon. This will display different Jira versions available, configured with Jira

  • Select the version of the feature you want to display

  • Press on update filter

Now the view will exclude any feature not operating on Jira v 2.0

Why they don’t appear sometimes

There are a few possible reasons as to why additional fields may not be appearing on your project screen. Firstly, you need to ensure that you are on a Jira board. Additional fields are an exclusive feature for Jira users.

This can be done by opening board settings and scrolling down to the ALM account section. Here you can see if you have linked a Jira account.

If you have just added the additional field to Jira, it is highly likely that the data is not meta-synced across the two platforms yet. This can be done by going to:

Board settings>Create New> Refresh symbol

It is also always a good idea to confirm the project chosen on Kendis and the Jira project are the same.

How can they be used in reports?

After creating a report for the specific program board (comparison reports included) through the Reports tab on Kendis. Select Column drop down and scroll down to Jira Fields (this will be at the bottom of the drop down menu).

The purpose of reports is to get a more detailed view on the project. With additional fields enabled, this becomes a valuable feature.

After selecting the specific additional fields, you can view reports thoroughly with more detail. One can immediately get more information on any specific feature. Your team may have specific requirements and information that needs to be listed on the feature that will help the users who will be reading it. Understanding the program board off excel naturally takes some getting used to, but with the help of additional fields in Jira, and more descriptive reports, one can easily understand what is being done on a feature to feature basis.

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