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Kendis Backup management for External MongoDB

Must have setup: Configure MongoDB Backups

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When you use externally hosted MongoDB, you must manage the backups yourself. The following guide explains how to configure the backups.

Create a Backup

Mongodump is the utility for creating backups for externally hosted database.

mongodump --port=37017 --username=user --authenticationDatabase=admin --out=/opt/backup/mongodump-2023-05-05


Note: You must schedule a script or similar setup to take the backups on a daily/regular basis.

Archive Option

An archive is a backup in a single file rather than a folder.

For making an archive as an output, use the following command.

mongodump --port=37017 --username=user --authenticationDatabase=admin --archive=/opt/backup/mongodump-2023-05-05.archive –db=kendis

Restore from backup

mongorestore --uri="mongodb://" /opt/backup/mongodump-xxxxxxxxxx

Restoring from the archive dump

mongorestore --uri="mongodb://" --archive=/opt/backup/mongodump-xxxxxxxxxx.archive

Important Note:

Above are example commands for your reference, exact commands may vary depending on your MongoDB database version.

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