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MongoDB Migration Guide to New Versions (5.0+)
MongoDB Migration Guide to New Versions (5.0+)

Upgrade MongoDB to 5.0

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The following guide is only relevant if you are using Kendis Self-hosted (On-prem) and have externally hosted MongoDB for Kendis.

If you are using Kendis self-hosted (on-prem) release with 10.x or higher version and want to use new Enterprise Platform (Org Views) capabilities, then you must migrate your older MongoDB and data to the MongoDB v5.0.

There are multiple approaches for migrating data from older MongoDB to the v5.0.

The safest approach is to install v5.0 MongoDB separately and then restore your older data to v5.0. This way, there will be no risk to your current MongoDB.

Mongo DB Upgradation guide

To upgrade MongoDB, we recommend using the Back and Restore method.

Step 1: Backup

Take the latest Mongo back of the whole database. Please make sure you don't have any pending transactions ongoing at this time. Follow these official MongoDB documents and ensure you have selected the correct version you currently have for Kendis MongoDB.

Step 2: New Mongo version installation (v5.0)

Install the new version (v5.0), you may

  • Host on a new server machine or

  • Install on the same server machine, but make sure you use a different port for this version of your MongoDB.

Select the correct version from this guide and follow the instructions for installation.

Step3: Restore

Step 3: Restore the latest backup taken in Step 1 and on the newly installed MongoDB instance with the correct version. Please ensure you have selected the right version in the documentation.

Once the database restoration is completed, go to Kendis admin area and update the URL and port to make sure it's connected to the new MongoDB installation.

All of your data and configurations should be working as-is after this migration.

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