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[January-2022 Release] Change Status Category of any Status to Done (Jira Boards)
[January-2022 Release] Change Status Category of any Status to Done (Jira Boards)

Release Date: 13 January 2022

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With this update, you are now in full control of your definition of done reflecting at the Kendis analytics. It's often a limitation that status belongs in Jira to the "In Progress" category but you want those to be treated as "Done" to get the team completion % or the completion of your objectives %.

This may also be useful, in case you have some statuses like "Cancelled" and you don't want to count those items as "Done". In Jira, there are only 3 categories (Todo, In Progress, Done), but in Kendis, there is 4th category "Misc" and unwanted statuses like "Cancelled" can be moved under this category.

If you are using Jira with Kendis then you are able to achieve this at the screen.

Steps to Change Status Category

  • Go to Board Settings -> Edit Board Settings -> Jira Meta

  • Select the project from drop-down

  • Select the item type, e.g., Story

  • Drag the status from one category and drop it to another.

  • Close the settings area and refresh your browser.

The category of the status will be updated in Kendis analytics accordingly.

Important Points to Note

  • When you create a new board and load projects, you would need to manually do the status category changes again

  • When you copy the board, the status mapping will not be copied to the new board.

  • If the same status is mapped to multiple item types, e.g., Epic, User Story, Tasks, and when you move a status at Kendis from one category to another then the status will be changed for all item types at Kendis. Note: The change of status category is only happening at Kendis, it will not change anything in your Jira. As mentioned above, it's mainly to help you with better tracking for your features and stories' progress.

In the future: Kendis will offer a global setting where you can set a particular status to a different category so you don't need to these steps manually, but for now, it's manual on every new board.

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