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[November-2021 Release] Analytics Update - Track Unplanned work
[November-2021 Release] Analytics Update - Track Unplanned work

Release Date: 02 November 2021

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We received great feedback for the new analytics module that rolled out at the beginning of October 2021.

However, one crucial part was missing and it was related to Unplanned work. Unplanned work is something that can have implications on the final delivery of your PI objectives and features. With this update, you can track

  • Unplanned Features

  • Unplanned Stories

  • Get an understanding of how many "Story Points" are still unplanned

IMPORTANT: Unplanned = Not in any of the sprints that are mapped on this Kendis board. If a story is planned in an upcoming sprint or is in backlog, Kendis will treat that as unplanned for the sake of this PI board.

Unplanned Stories by Feature View

By clicking on the Stories or Estimate section in the above screenshot, a detailed view will be visible where these unplanned stories are listed by feature to provide better context, which features are lacking the work.

Unplanned (Open)

In the feature by delivery section, the table layout is changed and now the status is combined with the Summary and an extra column for "Unplanned" stories is introduced. This section will only show you unplanned stories that are still open, e.g., the stories that are in the "Done" category will not be shown. This will be helpful to reduce the noise in case the feature has been moving from one PI to another (you will not see all the previously done stories in this section).

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