Invite Team Members (Users)

Manage users and their rights and invite them to join Kendis

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In this article we will explain

  • How to Invite team members

  • How to Set Permissions

Kendis Users and Roles Model

Kendis provides full control for user management. If you have "Active Directory" integrated then you should checkout this help article.

Invite Team Members

To provide flexibility, Kendis offers multiple options to get users join Kendis.

Note: Only the Super Admin has the rights to create a new user

1. Invite a User via Email

This method is standard invitation based method, where you fill up basic details of the users and an email invitation is sent. Upon receiving invitation email, users can accept the invitation and set their own password. 

To invite users

  • Click on the settings icon on the green left panel

  • Click on the "Users" section

  • Click on Invite User on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Type email for the user

Setting Permissions

  • Group: This is optional, if you have a group setup then simply add the user to the group and roles and rights of the group will be set for the user. This step is illustrated above in the picture.

  • Board Collection: Select the board collection and appropriate role for the users.

Note: You can set group and board collection rights for the user (both can be set).

2. Create User 

This option is for cases, where super admin wants to create users themselves for some reason.

To a new create a user, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Users section under settings

  • Click on the "Add a User" option

  • Provide details

  • Set the permissions, using Group and Board Collections (both can be set).   

3. Import Users CSV

To bulk create users, Kendis offers the option of setting up a CSV with Name, Email and other details. Kendis support the Jira exported CSV for users. It's quick and simple way to bulk create users. 

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