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See how Kendis can help in planning and tracking program, solution and portfolio. It's for scaling agile and integrates with agile tools.

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Kendis is a scaling agile solution to manage programs and portfolios. It offers specialized boards for SAFe®, Spotify Model, Nexus, LeSS, Scrum @Scale, or your custom scaling model.

It offers a solution for Enterprises with multiple 

  • Distributed Teams 

  • Dependencies

  • Release Trains

How does it work?

  • Teams work with existing tools like JIRA 

  • Program level is planned, managed, and tracked in Kendis using real-time data from JIRA.

What else, does it offer? 

  • Digital Program Board 

  • The capability of "Real-time" planning. (Teams can drag features to sprints and start creating the stories, much like a physical board). 

  • Visually manages dependencies between features across all teams 

  • A simple and clear visualization of Features along with the progress, i.e., you will see the feature development across sprints and teams. 

  • Tracking external vendors and milestones

  • Monitor progress of Objectives and OKR's


Do we need to change our team's Agile solution?

No, Agile teams can keep on working with existing Agile Tools, while program, solution, and portfolio are managed with Kendis.

Kendis offers perfect visualization and tracking analytics for Business Owners, Release Train Engineers, Product Owners, Portfolio Managers, and Program Managers.


  • Saves time and enables remote team members to collaborate in the planning events 

  • Easier tracking of the features 

  • Visually manage dependencies 

  • Better Pre Planning for Program Increment Planning event


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