Integrate Okta using SAML

Integrate Okta with Kendis to get users and groups

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This article will explain how to configure Kendis to use Okta as a single sign on service and fetch the users and groups from Okta.
It will simplify the users and group management for your organization.
Please follow these steps to configure the integration.

Follow the steps to configure Okta with Kendis.

Step 1

Go to the "My Applications" section.

Step 2

Click on the "Admin"  button

Step 3

Click on the "Add Applications" link on the right navigation links.

Step 4

Click the "Create New App" Button

Step 5

Select "SAML 2.0" option under Sign on method. 

Step 6

Under "Create SAML Integration" page, fill the mandatory field of "App Name", you can leave all other fields as-is or fill them according to your setup. 

Step 7

On the second step of SAML configuration (Configure SAML) General section. Add Single Sign On URL like this
where yourDomain is the sub-domain for your Kendis account.

Type any values in "Audience URI(SP Entity ID)"

Step 8

Map the attributes as shown below, in case they are not mapped, you will see "Unknown" against the user name at Kendis.

Attribute Statements

Name                        Name format                    Value

firstName                  Unspecified                        user.firstName

lastName                   Unspecified                        user.lastName

email                         Unspecified               

login                          Unspecified                        user.login


Name                        Name format                   Filter

groups                    Unspecified                      Matches regex:     .*

Step 9

Select the appropriate option and press "Finish". Your new app is created.

Step 10

After successful creation, assign this app to users or groups in your organization at Okta.

Step 11

In order to configure Okta with Kendis, go to the "Sign On" option and click on the "View Setup Instructions" as highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 12

At setup instructions view, copy the values and map them into the kendis.
NOTE: Do not copy following lines while copying the certificate  (-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----) ( -----END CERTIFICATE----- ).

To Map these fields in kendis Click "Settings" and then "SAML Configuration"

On SAML Configuration Settings page click on edit button and then add values.

Press the save button and SAML configuration is done.

Step 13

To assign users and groups from Okta to the Kendis "Board Collections", you need to map the API token field.

To get an API token, go to the admin section and click on the "Security" link and then "API".

Click on the "Create Token" button and then copy the generated token

Step 14

After copying the token from Okta, go to Kendis and click on "Settings" and then "API Token . Click on the "edit" button and then paste the token.

Step 15

After successful configuration, you will be able to add users and groups from Okta to your Kendis boards collections.

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