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Manage Dependencies between Kendis and Jira
Manage Dependencies between Kendis and Jira

Guide to enable 2-way dependencies between Jira and Kendis

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In Jira dependency is just a link type between 2 items. However, for each dependency at Kendis, there is card sprint and team information.

The best practice would be to create dependencies from Kendis to Jira. This way you will get better visualization and also linking in Jira.

Note: In case, you create dependencies, which are just links in Jira between your Epics/features or between Epics and stories, they will only be visible in "Phoenix Mode" on the board. However, if you create dependencies between stories in Jira then it will be visible in Alicanto and other modes.
Details are below to enable dependencies and how to view them.

Difference between Kendis and Jira Dependencies

Dependencies at Kendis have additional information

  • Team names: "Who" is dependent on "Whom"

  • Sprint Labels: By what time the dependency needs to be resolved

  • Status: Whether the dependency is "Open" or "Resolved"

Dependencies at Jira are merely managed as a "Link Type". Kendis offers the options to enable the dependencies to sync with Jira.

How to Enable Dependencies?

The user has to first enable the Jira Dependencies. 

  1. Edit Board Settings then Additional Fields 

  2. Click on the Check Box to Enable Jira Dependency

Select Dependency Link Type

A drop-down will be displayed that will show a list of all the link types that are available in your Jira instance. Select the link type you are using for dependencies.

Important Note:

Jira link types are also used between features and stories as “parent-child” link. At Kendis, a link type can only be used either as “dependency link” or “parent-child”. 

Once the dependency link type is selected, it will not be used to bring new child stories through Jira Filters. 

How are Jira Dependencies Imported?

Once you enable this setting, Kendis will resync the board, and get the information from Jira associated with the features and stories at the board. After that, any change made in Kendis or Jira will be visible in real-time.

Using Jira Dependencies

Once the Dependencies have been enabled, simply create a dependency amongst two features or stories by dragging a line from the dependency counter of one feature to the next. Once the dependency is created, the popup for the Dependency will open. JIRA dependencies are just a sub-section under "Dependencies" for each feature. From here follow these steps to create a dependency:

  1. Select a Link Type from the Link Type Dropdown.

  2. Choose from your selected Jira Link Types. 

  3. Give a Description. 

  4. Select a Status. 

  5. Click Save. 

Once a dependency has been created amongst Jira Items in Kendis, the same change will be updated in Jira. 

Note: If a dependency has been made with one feature from Jira and one from Kendis, then the changes will not be synced to Jira.

Viewing the Dependencies

Dependencies are displayed as red lines on the board. The dependency can be viewed on all three views (Phoenix, Griffin and Alicanto).
Kendis dependencies contains information about team and sprint, while the Jira dependencies are just a "link" between 2 items.
To handle that difference, the same dependencies is shown in 2 tabs 

  • Kendis Dependencies

  • Jira Dependencies

Individual Item dependencies view

View All Dependencies

Jira Dependencies at Reports

Jira Dependencies can be seen both in Data and Comparison Reports. In order to view the Jira Dependencies in the Reports, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Reports from the Left Nav.

  2. Create a Data Report or a Comparison Report

  3. Once the report has been created, hover over to Columns 

  4. Scroll down and check the Jira Dependency option

  5. Jira Dependencies will now be shown

Deleting Dependencies

Dependencies for Kendis and Jira needs to be deleted individually.

Delete Kendis Dependency

Open the dependencies view by clicking on the dependency line or just the counter at the feature card. 

To delete the individual dependency click on “Delete Link” and the dependency will be deleted.

Delete Jira Dependency

Go to the Jira dependency section at the dependency view and click on the delete icon to remove the link at Jira that represents the dependencies between 2 items.

Color of the dependencies lines

Check this article that explains all 4 colors of the dependencies.

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