Kendis is available as plugin at Atlassian Jira app store. It's only available for Jira Cloud Users.
Main functionalities this plugin will provide

  • Using Jira Connect, you can enable any user in your organization at Jira to join Kendis

  • No need to use API keys to connect from Kendis to Jira 

  • Entry point from your Jira instance to Kendis

Find Kendis Plugin

Configure Plugin

Follow these steps to configure Kendis plugin for Jira

Step 1

You need to have Kendis account to configure this plug-in. If you don't have already an account, you can sign-up for a free 30 days trial account.

Step 2

Provide the following details

Your Kendis instance URL, e.g., "", so only type example 

System will auto fill your Jira URL, however, if you have signed-up Kendis with different email address, you can type the email address as well. Kendis will create the mapping from your Jira email to the email you specify here for Kendis automatically.

Check box: Allow users of this Jira organization to join Kendis.
We recommend you to select this checkbox. If this is unchecked, then other users in your organization will not be able to join the

That's it! Once you press Save, your plugin is configured. 

Step 3

Once the plugin is configure, you will see the Kendis icon in your Jira navigation menu. You will see the button "Go to Kendis" and it will open Kendis pages in separate browser window.

Connecting Kendis Board to Jira

To connect Kendis to Jira, you need to create "ALM Account" at Kendis. You can use "Jira Connect" option and it will simplify the connection as you wouldn't need to set the API keys for your connection.

Jira Connect 

If you have configured Kendis plugin for Jira then you will see following option while creating ALM account at Kendis.
"Use Jira Connect". Just select the checkbox and it will automatically show you the URL of your Jira account. Press "Test Connection" and continue with your steps.

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