How to Update Kendis Docker

Steps to update Kendis docker with new builds

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Kendis brings new and exciting features for the customers. Every time a new release is out, Dockerhub is updated with the latest release.

To update Kendis docker with the latest build, follow these steps

  • Take the backup of your Kendis data and save it locally outside the Docker container, check this guide on how to take backup

  • Open your terminal (prompt) where you run your Docker commands

  • Note down the IP for your Kendis Docker container.

1) Stop your Kendis docker container (Link to guide)

> docker stop <container-id>

2) Remove Kendis docker container

> docker rm <container-id>

3) Update the Kendis build using the following command

 > docker pull kendisdocker/kendis

4) Once docker is updated, simply start your container again using the command below (or the one you have used already, in case using different parameters)

> docker run --restart=always  -v kendis-resources:/var/lib/kendis-resources -v kendis-logs:/var/log/kendis-logs -v kendis-backup:/var/lib/kendis-backup -v kendis-data:/var/lib/mongodb -p 8282:8080 kendisdocker/kendis

Important Points

  • After restarting the Kendis Docker container, check if the IP has changed.

  • If you have set up SSL using Nginx then you would need to update the config file with the new IP and restart your Nginx Docker container.

  • If the IP of Kendis Docker container remains the same, then no need to stop/start the Nginx Docker container.

Note: Instructions for setting up SSL using Nginx.
That's all, your docker is updated with the latest Kendis build.

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