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How to link Sprints in Jira to Kendis Sprints
How to link Sprints in Jira to Kendis Sprints

How to define the mapping of team sprints at Kendis to team sprints at Jira boards

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Sprints are key configuration element at Kendis boards and need to be configured in order for the board to work properly.

  • While creating board at Kendis, you will create board level sprint columns. These are just "labels". 

  • It's not possible to link the whole column to just one sprint in Jira

  • Each team will have it's cell and that sprint cell needs to be linked to Jira sprint. 

How to Link Sprints

To configure sprints for each team at Kendis to corresponding Jira sprints, follow these steps

  • Mouse over any team name and it will show a small settings icon (cog), click on it and that team's sprints settings dialogue will appear. 

  • Alternatively, you can click on the board settings button at top right corner, then select "Edit Board Settings" and then click on "Teams" tab. Then click on the settings icon for the team

To configure the sprint, you need to select following fields

  • Jira Project: This dropdown shows all the projects from Jira where the user has access to.

  • Board Name: List of Scrum boards under the selected Jira project

  • Item Type: Default item type, e.g., Story (This setting will be used when creating new stories at the board under feature)

  • Sprints: List of the sprints from Jira. "No Container" means, the cell at the team board is not mapped to any sprint in Jira.

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