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How to Install Kendis on OpenShift
How to Install Kendis on OpenShift

Step by step guide to setup Kendis at OpenShift

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This guide assumes that you are familiar with OpenShift and have previous experience setting up OpenShift.

Kendis Docker Image

You can pull Kendis image from DockerHub using the following name or tag


Port and Container Volumes

Once you start pod at OpenShift, Kendis container will run on port 8080 you can map to the external port according to your requirement.

To keep Kendis state persistent you need to map the following container volumes


For External MongoDB
Add the following mapping, in case you want to run separate MongoDB (more details)

Note: This is an important step to ensure that on restart or updates, you don't lose any data.

Guide to mount volumes

Here is the relevant documentation from OpenShift regarding mounting the volumes.

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