How to Configure Kanban Teams

How to setup Kanban teams at Kendis Boards

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Most the teams in the PI are generally running Scrum, however there are teams that use Kanban board in Jira.
It's a challenge to handle these Kanban teams at the program board, which is by design based on the iterations (sprints). 

Kendis supports Kanban teams in the following way

  • At the team settings, select the Jira board

  • Select the default item type that teams use, e.g., Story

  • Sprint containers drop down will be empty and you will see "No Container"

Example Setup

How it works

You can manually drag and drop stories at Kendis sprints at Kanban teams swimlane. Since these cells are not mapped to any sprints in Jira, all the information will retain in Kendis and can help teams to manage and visualize dependencies and work for Kanban teams.

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