Import Bulk Users with CSV

Steps to import users and grant them rights to access board

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It is possible to import users with the CSV. Following are the steps that you should follow

1) Prepare CSV File with the Users

You need to have CSV file, with "First Name, Last Name, Email,"
Note: There is field, for password, but perhaps it's better to leave it empty and ask users to use "Forgot Password" link to reset password.

Download Template
You can download the sample CSV templates and fill it up with the user's details.

  • Download the example CSV template without a password.

  • Download the example CSV template with a password

1) Import Users at Kendis

Go to administration section and follow these steps

  • Click on the settings icon from left green bar (If you don't see that, please ask your admin to grant you Super Admin rights)

  • Go to Users

  • Click on the "Import Users from CSV", you may see "Import Users from Jira CSV", click on it

  • Upload your file 

  • Select from the drop down mapping of each fields

  • Now click on Import

Users will be created in Kendis.

2) Notify users to reset password

You would need to share the URL of your Kendis account, if you are using cloud, you may also share the URL

Ask users to click on "Forgot Password" link and a password link will be sent to users to set their new password

2) Grant Rights to Users to View Boards

When you create user, they don't have access to any boards. By using following steps, you can simplify your manual edit actions to grant rights to individual users.

2.1) Create a Group

Go to Groups section and create a new group and add all the users that you have imported by clicking on the "Add" link next to each user on the right hand side"

2.2 ) Assign Group to the Board Collection

  • Click on the "Board Collections" on the left navigation

  • Now click on the name of the board collection to edit

  • List of all the groups and users will be visible on the right hand side

  • Click on the "Group Name", e.g., to CSV Users that you crated in step 2.1

  • Select the rights that you want to give to these users. Better would be to use "Users" as you can later have separate group for admins.

That's all, you have imported users with CSV and assigned them to board collections. Once they reset their password, they can login and be able to perform actions they want to .

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