Getting Started Guide for New Users

For users who are invited to join Kendis and will start using it first time

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Getting started with Kendis is not difficult, the following steps will provide enough details for you to start using Kendis board comfortably for your PI, Tribe or Big room planning event.

Pre Requisite

In this article, we are assuming that, you are an end user, who could be a team member, Scrum Master, Product Owner or other relevant roles, who are going to use the board, which is already setup by their RTE or some other team member.

Steps to Use Kendis Board

  1. Configure your personal ALM (Jira) user account

  2. Create and Plan Stories in Sprints

  3. Create and Manage Dependencies

  4. Create and Manage Objectives

  5. Using Search & Filters

  6. Board Review Modes

  7. Using Reports

  8. Export Data

  9. Tips for User Interface

1. Configure ALM (Jira) User Account

Every user should setup their individual account for Jira. 

  • Click on your profile icon from the bottom left bar

  • Click on the "ALM Credentials"

  • Select the ALM account, in case there are more than one.

  • Provide your ALM account (Jira) Username and Password

  • Ensure the Test Connection is successful

  • SAVE

2. Create and Plan Stories in Sprints

To create a story, first you need to drag the "Feature" card from the left panel (Features List) and onto one of the team's sprint. At this point, nothing happens in Jira to the feature card, it's just placed in the sprint area. Multiple Teams working on One Feature should use the same Feature card.
Stories can be created under this feature now. When you create the story, Kendis will automatically link it to the parent feature and set the sprint value.
Note: It is not possible to place the story at the Kendis board directly, meaning, it needs to be under the feature card always.
This small GIF shows the whole process of creating story and how it looks in Jira

Important Points

  • To move story from one sprint to another, simply expand the feature card, drag the story and drop onto next sprint where you want to move it.

  • If you move the Feature card from one sprint to another, e.g., If you move Feature-1 card which has 5 stories in Sprint 1, to Sprint 2 then all 5 stories will be moved to Sprint 2 in Jira as well. 

  • If you want to work on Feature 1 in sprint 1 and sprint 2, then drag the Feature 1 card from left panel onto Sprint 1 first and then drag the feature 1 again from left backlog panel to sprint 2. In Kendis it's possible that feature cards can be duplicated in multiple sprints. It's not an actual duplication in Jira, it's just the placement of the same card multiple times at the board.

3. Create and Manage Dependencies

This help article explains in detail how to create and manage dependencies. Please follow this link
For a quick reference, this GIF shows how to create dependencies.

4, Create and Manage Objectives

This help article explains in detail how to create, edit and link objectives to features.  This help article explains in detail

For a quick reference, this GIF shows how to create and link objectives

5. Using Search & Filters

Kendis offers quick and easy way to search the features and stories. This help article explains in detail

6. Board Review Modes

Kendis offers multiple views for the board. These board review modes can be helpful in understanding what is being done for each feature, by the teams and overall.
These board review modes are

  • Alicanto

  • Griffin

  • Pheonix

7. Using Reports

Kendis has multiple reports and dashboards. This section of the help portal covers reports in detail. 

8. Export Data

Kendis offers options to export data from

  • Boards: Export option is available under Settings option at the board

  • Reports: Export icon at each report

  • Dependencies: Export icon at dependencies view

  • Objectives: Export icon at the objectives view

9. User Interface Tips

Kendis UI is flexible and it offers multiple ways to view and hide information at the board

Minimize Teams and Sprints
It's easy to hide a team or sprint to make room for cards for other sprints and teams. There is "-" icon to minimize. Once minimized just mouse over the area and it will show the option to maximize again.

At Board Settings Menu

  • Hide/Unhide dependencies

  • Set column width

  • Set font size

  • Set card size

We wish you the best of luck with your Planning Session. If you have any questions, suggestions or Feedback, we would love to hear it. Click on the Help button on the bottom right and our Customer Service team will be happy to help.

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