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Install Docker with image

Download Docker image and install manually without the need to connect to DockerHub.

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In case your organization's network doesn't allow you to connect to DockerHub, you can follow these steps to download Docker Image and install it at your server.
Once the installation is completed, all other functionality will be the same.


After installation is successful, please remember to change the default password for the /system URL.

Step 1.
Download Kendis Docker image using some utility or wget

$ wget

Step 2
Install Kendis Docker by loading Kendis docker image  (Make sure you are in the directory where you have downloaded the image)

 $ docker load < kendisdocker.tar

Step 3.
Verify docker images by running the following command

$ docker images

Example Output

REPOSITORY                     TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
kendisdocker/kendis            latest              xxxxxxxx        xx hours ago        1.821 GB

Step 4.
Start Kendis Docker Container
Example Run command is pasted here, please refer to this link for detailed instructions (In this article, you can jump to Step 3 directly)

Example Run command to start Kendis server at port 8282 (you can use different port in below command, if want to)

> docker run --restart=always -v kendis-resources:/var/lib/kendis-resources -v kendis-logs:/var/log/kendis-logs -v kendis-backup:/var/lib/kendis-backup -v kendis-data:/var/lib/mongodb -p 8282:8080 kendisdocker/kendis

Step 5.
Server is running and you can access it with http://<machine/IP>:<port>

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