Optimize Jira Webhook for Kendis

Tips to optimize the webhook events for your Jira webhook for Kendis

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Webhook is a mechanism to keep the changes made in your Jira by your teams reflecting at your Kendis board automatically.
In case you havent' setup your webhook yet, you can follow the instructions in this article.ย 

Steps to optimize webhook

Kendis requires only limited information from your Jira to keep your program board up to date. Follow these steps to ensure, minimum load on your Jira server and better reliability of the webhooks.

1) Select the absolute required events

Following are the events that you should select in your webhook configuration for Kendis. Please don't select any other event, Kendis ignores all the additional events.

Issue link

  • created, deleted


  • created, updated, deleted


  • created, deleted, started, closed
    โ€‹Important: Don't select "Updated" sprint, it's important not to select this event.

2) Use JQL to narrow down the scope

Jira webhook provides option to narrow down the events using JQL.
You can narrow down the events using JQL to

  • Only select projects, which are being used by teams using Kendis.

  • Only select the item types that are being used at Kendis board.

Example Webhook Configuration at Jira.

In this example, we have narrowed down the projects to only 3 projects which are being used at the Kendis program boards and also only relevant issue types.

Note: Whenever you onboard a new team at Kendis you need to make sure that, the projects from that team are added in this webhook.

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