AzureDevOps board is locked, what to do?

Got notification that board is locked and ALM or Personal ALM token is wrong

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For AzureDevOps, the token is the key to enable any actions from Kendis to AzureDevOps.
Each token has expiry date at AzureDevOps and once it's expired, it's not possible to make an update from Kendis to AzureDevOps.

At Kendis, there are 2 places to provide the Token

  1. At ALM Connection: Linked to each board, and should be selected when creating new board

  2. Individual User Token: This is set at user profile under ALM Credentials section.

If your any of these 2 are either expired or revoked or don't have correct permissions, you will see the message that, board is locked.

Please make sure your token is valid and it also has these 2 rights.

  • Work Items (Read, write, & manage)

  • Project and Team (Read, write, & manage)

  • Token Administration (Read & manage)

Once the token is provided your board will be automatically unlocked.

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