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What is included in the trial period, do we have any commitments? Can we extend Kendis trial?

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Kendis provides a fully functional trial to explore all features.

For Kendis Cloud

  • Trial period is for 10 for days.

  • During trial, you can explore all features, there are no restrictions.

  • Once the trial period is expired, you can upgrade to continue using the same account as paid account.

  • If your trial expires and you choose not to continue with Kendis, then your account will automatically be deleted after a period of time, usually within 45 days.

  • Until your account is fully removed, you have option to convert your trial to a paid account.

For Kendis Enterprise (Self-Hosted)

  • Once you install Kendis, you get 10 days free trial period.

  • Since, all the data is located in your enterprise environment, it's up to you, how you want to remove the data once trial is expired. 

  • If you want to upgrade during or after the trial period expiry, you can contact your Kendis account manager to request the new key or contact support at

  • To upgrade your self hosted Kendis with the new license key, follow these instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We want more than 10 days trial, is it possible?
    We generally encourage customers to start their payment plan even with 10 users. However, in some cases, you may request extension of your trial and maximum of additional 7 days of extension can be provided. Please contact support at or contact your account manager.

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