License key controls number of users and the duration of your Kendis Enterprise Edition account. The key can also be used to extend the duration of your trial account.
Once the key is expired, your account will be locked temporarily. All your data and settings will remain as-is.

Steps to update the Key

Follow these steps to update the key.

Get the Key

Kendis key should be requested from your Kendis Account Manager. If you don't have your account manager then you can drop us email at with the number of users and the duration of the key. We will be in touch shortly.

Update the Key

  • From settings option on the left navigation select option "License Info"

  • It will show the option to enter the license key

  • In case, your key is still valid, the information about the number of users and remaining days will be shown.

  • Click to "Renew License" 

  • Enter your new key and press Save

  • Your account will be updated.

In case you have any issues, please reach out to us at

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