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When you create the board at Kendis, you have to select the projects and load their metadata into Kendis, e.g., statuses, fields, and other relevant details. This enables Kendis to automatically show the correct statuses when you edit AzureDevOps/TFS items at Kendis.

Load Project

To add a new project to Kendis board, go to

  • "Board Settings" and select "Edit Board Settings"

  • Go to "AzureDevOps Projects" tab

  • Now click on the "Load Project" button

  • You will see list of the projects from AzureDevOps/TFS (List will exclude the projects that are loaded already at Kendis)

  • Now click on the "Load Project" option next to the project you want to load into Kendis.

  • Wait a few seconds, it might take 30-45 seconds to load the project.

  • Once the project is loaded, you can select the estimate (Story Points) and Due Date fields for Features (parent) and Stories (Child).

Resync Project

Resync project option refreshes the metadata information from AzureDevOps/TFS. This option should only be used, in case you have made changes to the project settings at AzureDevOps/TFS, e.g.,

  • Added a new status

  • Renamed existing status

  • Created/Edited an item type

  • Or similar kinds of actions.

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