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User Profile ALM Settings for Jira oAuth
User Profile ALM Settings for Jira oAuth

Steps to configure individual user ALM account for oAuth

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If you set up an ALM account with oAuth then each individual user must also configure their own oAuth accounts for Kendis. Guide to setup the oAuth based ALM account is available at this link.


Users don't need to give any keys, etc that was needed for ALM creation, they only need to authorize their Jira account explained in the next steps.

Steps to Configure

  • Go to Profile and click on "ALM Credentials"

  • Make sure you have selected the correct ALM account that you have configured with oAuth.

  • Click on the "Edit"

  • Click on the "Get oAuth token"

  • It will take you to the Jira authentication screen and users need to authenticate with their Jira credentials on the Jira login page.


If ALM is oAuth then the user has to use oAuth, there is no password option for oAuth ALM. Additionally, oAuth doesn't impact your existing ALMs and boards, they will keep on working as-is.

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